Department: Referred Biochemistry
Specimen Collection Requirements:
Patient Preparation: Preferably fasting sample collected on ice 

Phlebotomist Instructions: ONLY bleed at collection rooms with a centrifuge. Phlebotomists at these rooms must 
centrifuge specimen and freeze plasma IMMEDIATELY.

Keep sample on wet ice if ANY delay in centrifugation

Sample Type:

1x Mauve (EDTA) tube 4.0mL

Sample Type Notes: Note: This is not the same test as Essential Fatty Acids (see separate listing)
Minimum Sample Volume: 0.6mL
Unacceptable Samples: Lithium heparin (green) specimen unacceptable.
Haemolysed samples unacceptable.
Pre-Analytical Storage Requirements: Freeze separated plasma immediately - keep on ice if any delay in centrifugation
Transport Requirements: Frozen
Additional Information: Specimen must be separated within 30 minutes of collection and serum frozen 

Referred Specimens:
Referred to: Canterbury Health Laboratories
Link to Reference Lab Website:
Preferred Aliquot: 1mL plasma
Minimum Aliquot: 250uL plasma
Pre-Transport Requirements to Reference Lab: Freeze
Transport Requirements to Reference Lab: Frozen
In the Lab:
Delphic Code: FFA
Ultra Code: FFA
Lab Solutions Code: RFRE
Turnaround Time: 9 days
Reference Interval & Interpretation: Provided with Reference Laboratory result.
Link to Application and Diagnostic Use Website:
Contact Details:
Lab Contact: Max Reed
Department Name: Biochemistry
Phone: (04) 381 5900

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