Have a happy and healthy holiday season

(Inside Aotea, December 2011)

Karen Wood, Chief Executive, Wellington SCL

One tradition many of us have in common at Christmas is a having a big, filling meal with family or friends. Christmas Day is a great time to sit down with the people we love and share delicious (but often not so healthy!) food.

Have a fantastic day this year, but please do remember that your body can't handle too much over-eating or eating unhealthy food for longer periods of time than the odd day here and there. Take some time out after Christmas Day!

We have some helpful tips and information over the page about healthy eating.

Thanks very much for your recent feedback about our services in our annual patient survey. This year 99 per cent of our 562 respondents rated our overall service as very good or excellent. That's up from 98 per cent last year.

We'll be working hard to increase that again next year, if we possibly can.

One of the main developments this year To improve services for you was our introduction of the eLab system. eLab lets your doctor enter your test information into an online system that puts it directly into our laboratory system.

We think this means strong benefits for you because your medical information will be available to us simply by scanning a barcode on the form your doctor gives you to bring when you visit us.

This cuts down on data entry typing errors and makes your test information more accurate and easy to access.

We have installed eLab at doctors’ rooms In the Kapiti area and are now moving south to the rest of our doctors. We expect to finish roll-out to doctors rooms by the middle of next year.

We have had good feedback so far from our doctors about how straightforward it is to use, which is pleasing.

Have a very relaxing Christmas break and we look forward to helping you again in 2012.