Mayors' tips for healthy living

(Inside Aotea, October 2009)

Kerry Prendergast

Wellington City Mayor

Being mayor keeps me active — but it also puts a great deal of stress on the body. Early mornings, late nights, hectic schedules, big dinners and an awful lot of stress mean it would be easy to let my health suffer.

I have personal trainer sessions and visit a gym regularly. I watch what I eat, entertainment duties allowing, and have regular massages which are great for the mind as well as the body.

Just living in Wellington is a boost for the health. Apart from our hills providing a great workout, there are fantastic events like Round the Bays and the Mayor’s Bike Challenge that I participate in.

David Ogden

Hutt City Mayor

keep active by finding something that you enjoy and can fit into your schedule. For me, it’s a run, walk or cycle every day. I love running, it’s a really great way to keep fit, get some fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hutt City.

Eating well is also important. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and avoid fatty foods.

Wayne Guppy

Hupper Hutt City Mayor

upper Hutt City has such easy access to the outdoors that many residents make great efforts to keep fit. The council encourages ‘smoke free parks’ and active recreation and we get a good reception from our community for our initiatives. I enjoy walking and often interact with locals when on “my beat”. I am also a regular at the gym. As a member of the Hutt Valley Health Board I am able to see across the whole spectrum of health needs and I work hard on my own wellbeing and that of the wider community

Jenny Rowan

Kapiti District Mayor

I don’t have a formal fitness regime but my general lifestyle keeps me fairly fit. I am a member of the Friends of Whareroa Farm which in my pre-mayoral days meant walking all over the farm, planting trees, etc, and I still do this whenever time allows. On my lifestyle block I walk over hill and dale to look after the animals and am also kept busy doing running repairs to sheds, fences and what ever needs a hammer and nail. At work, I run from meeting to meeting and all round the office! I also like healthy low-fat, low-carb food to be served for lunches when required at council and committee meetings.