Midstream urine

About your test

  • Your health professional has requested this test to check for infection.
  • Please collect your urine sample BEFORE starting any antibiotic medication.
  • You will be provided with a plastic punnet to collect your urine specimen, specimen container(s) and delivery bag(s).

The procedure

  1. Collect the first urine you pass in the morning into the collection container.
  2. Pour the urine from the collection container into the specimen container and screw the lid on firmly.
  3. Label the specimen container with your full name, your date of birth, and the date and time of collection. 
  4. Place the specimen container in the bag provided with the request form in the front pocket.
  5. Deliver your urine sample(s) to your health professional or the laboratory as soon as possible after collection - keep your sample in a cool place until you can do so (not your fridge).
  6. If you are required to collect more than one sample, do so on different days. 

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