New electronic ordering system for your tests

(Inside Aotea, October 2010)

We want to make the flow of medical information — from your doctor to our laboratory — quicker and more simple

To help with that, we are developing an electronic system for laboratory test ordering. We are doing this in partnership with HealthLink (in New Zealand) and a Danish medical software company

The current manual process

Currently, when you need a laboratory test your doctor gives you a form with your information on it, which you give to our collection room staff. We then manually enter the information into our computer system at the collection rooms or later at our laboratory.

Faster access to information

The electronic system will remove the need for manual data entry at Wellington SCL. Doctors will enter your information and the tests required into an electronic form, a copy of which goes directly to the laboratory via a secure link. you’ll get a print-out of the form, complete with a barcode, to take to the collection room. Once at the rooms, you simply hand over the form, the barcode is scanned and your information appears on the computer.

Better information to you

The hard copy will give you all the information you’ll need about preparing for your tests. This could be useful to help alert you if an appointment or fasting is required for your test.

Fast and efficient

Simon munro, our Information Services manager, says many more enhancements are planned for the system. It will result in a more streamlined service for both doctors and patients. “As the volume of electronic orders increases, we’ll see improvements in efficiencies — especially around the tracking and processing of samples,” says Simon.

System trial in November

A trial of the system is set to begin in November with a small group of gPs. more gPs will switch to the new system in 2011.