Our new website

(Inside Aotea, February 2011)

We launched our new website this month. We’ve built it to hold everything you need to know about coming to see us.

What’s on the site? Well, you can find out about:

  • the tests we offer
  • how to prepare  for a test
  • how to make appointments
  • where and when to go for a test
  • who to contact about a test
  • useful medical websites; news from Wellington SCL
  • and much more.

If you're reading this page, you're reading our new site right now! Our aim is for it to be a useful resource for you and your doctor to find information not only about our services but also pathology in general.

The site is packed with information and we plan to keep it regularly updated with new information to make it a go-to resource for all things Aotea.

We also plan to put every edition of this newsletter on the site so you can find back copies if there is anything interesting or informative you might want to read again but can’t find a paper copy of the newsletter.

Have a read of the site and get back to us with any feedback, because it’s only worthwhile to us if it’s worthwhile to you.