Staff profile: Angela McPeake

Angela McPeake


I oversee the day-to-day running of the Specimen Reception team.

The team’s main role is to carry out pre-testing tasks on a specimen to ensure that the right tests are done on the right patients and reported to the right doctor at the right location.

Most rewarding part of your job

I work with a wonderful team of people which is very rewarding, and I love that
what we do makes a difference for people in our community.

How do you most enjoy spending time outside work

I enjoy dancing, walking, travelling and spending time with my family and friends. I also have a weakness
for shopping...

Health tip

Portion control and exercise!

I exercise most days of the week in ways that I enjoy (dancing, walking and swimming). I also do little things throughout the day such as walking to a colleague’s office rather than sending an email, or taking the stairs instead of the lift.

Something your colleagues may not know about you

I’m a TCK (Google it!) and I have two pet rats, Rocket and Pedro, who I love to pieces.