Staff profile: Dr Collette Bromhead

(Inside Aotea, April 2012)

Head of the molecular biology department 

Collette Bromhead


I oversee all molecular testing in the laboratory. This involves using the latest technology to analyse DNA from patient samples and thus identify bacterial and viral infections as well as inherited disease. We serve several different branches of pathology including microbiology, cytology and haematology.

Most rewarding part of your job

Providing new tests that reduce waiting time for results and improve the comfort of the patient by removing the need for invasive samples.

How do you most enjoy spending time outside work?

Getting time to myself when I’m not being mum to my 19-month-old son. Although, tickling him until he is giggling madly is lovely.

Health tip

Get a good night’s rest. It improves your physical and mental wellbeing and helps you resist illness and fast food.

Something your colleagues may not know about you

I used to paint, dance and play the violin, flute and classical guitar. I gave it all up for molecular biology and motherhood!