Staff profile: Penelope (Penny) Viliamu

(Inside Aotea, April 2011)

Finance Officer -- Accounts Payable

 Penny Viliamu


I am responsible for processing all the invoices from our creditors. I process all payments and staff reimbursements and I take enquiries from customers about invoices they receive from Wellington SCL.

Most rewarding part of your job

Talking to our customers and receiving great feedback from them really makes my day.

How do you most enjoy spending time outside work

I like spending time with my daughter -- doing things together like walking up Mt Kaukau in the summer time and taking her for a bike ride; and I enjoy working on our creative memories in spare times. I enjoy a fortnightly weekend catch-up with my friends for brunch or coffee, and I am also interested in reading -- mostly non-fiction.

Health tip

Taking several 10 minute walks can be as effective as a 30 minute walk each day. Take a nap on the couch during the day if you didn’t sleep well at night.

Something your colleagues may not know about you

A lot of our customers think I am a South African when I'm talking on the phone to them, but I was born and raised in Samoa and came to live in New Zealand in 1988.