Staff profile: Unaisi Tawake

(Inside Aotea, October 2010)

Laboratory technician in the cytology department


I am responsible for screening cervical smears and signing out normal ones, and sometimes preparing slides for analysis. I also assist the pathologist in Fine Needle Aspiration procedures.

Most rewarding part of your job

Finding that abnormal-looking cell in a smear and knowing that my work makes a difference for that woman’s health.

A compliment from a fellow worker keeps me going too.

How do you most enjoy spending time outside work

I enjoy reading, walking and a day out with my family... and I do love shopping!

Health tip

Eat healthily; do a few exercises each day (micro-pauses included); always have a decent sleep and stay hydrated.

Something your colleagues may not know about you

I come from a very large family of four brothers and four sisters. That’s like a small clan!