Trichomonas testing - new improved technique

(Aotea News, May 2010)

We have recently introduced a new method of testing trichomonas in vaginal specimens. This involves culturing of Trichomonads and is regarded as the “Gold Standard” method.

The new method allows trophozoites to multiply and become more motile and therefore very easily detected. It provides 100 per cent specificity.

Previously we had performed direct microscopy on all vaginal specimens.

This method relied on large numbers of highly active trophozoites being present in the sample which was not always the case when many of our specimens have ‘travel time’.

Swabs for Antenatal Group B Streptococci (ANGB)

Please note that we are unable to perform routine vaginal swab testing (including Trichomonas testing) and ANGB screening on the same specimen.

Both these tasks involve inoculating a broth, with most of the patient material being lost from the swab after the first inoculation.

A separate swab is required for each test.