Collection of patient samples from care facilities, medical and specialist centres

Recently there have been a number of occasions when our laboratory couriers have been unable to collect patient samples from care facilities, medical centres and specialist centres.

Sometimes the problem is that the facility doors have been locked and no one is available at reception, or the specimen has been put in a fridge somewhere within the facility. This is particularly a problem out-of-hours and over the weekend. We have also had reports of laboratory couriers walking through care facilities and medical centres looking for a staff member to help them locate the laboratory specimens.

Wellington SCL are asking all facilities to leave their samples for collection by our couriers in an easily accessible location. We recommend leaving samples in a chilly bin, as close to the entrance as possible. By leaving samples at the entrance our couriers will not have to enter your facilities.

If our courier is unable to easily collect samples they will leave, and you will need to make alternative arrangements to deliver the samples to our laboratories.

If you need any assistance setting up an appropriate location to leave your samples, please contact us by emailing to discuss your options.

If required Wellington SCL will provide polystyrene bins for laboratory specimens for your facility.

Yours sincerely

Vicki McKnight
General Manager
Wellington SCL