24 hour urine

About your Test

  • Your health professional has requested tests which require you to collect all the urine you pass for 24 hours.
  • You will need to obtain a collection punnet and a 24 hour urine container from your health professional of from Wellington SCL. 
  • The specimen containers you have been provided with may contain a liquid preservative.
  • CAUTION: The liquid preservative is POISONOUS and CORROSIVE, so do not touch the preservative or allow children to play with the container.  Do not throw the preservative out. 

The Procedure 

Start this process first thing in the morning:

  1. Pass urine into the toilet.  This urine is not wanted for the collection process. Empty your bladder completely.  Write the time and date on the container. This will be the start time of your 24-hour urine collection. 
  2. All urine you pass during the rest of the 24 hour period must be collected.
  3. If you need to empty your bowels, pass and collect the urine first so you do not lose it.
  4. Collect the last urine specimen 24 hours after the first.  Even if you do not feel the need to pass this urine, you must empty your bladder completely.  Write the time and date on the container.  This will be the finish time or your 24-hour urine collection. 
  5. Label the container with your full name, date of birth and ensure that the time and date of collection are written as well.
  6. Deliver the 24 hour specimen and the request form to the laboratory on the day you collect the final specimen.  Make sure the container lid is securely fastened. 


  • If you miss a collection of urine in the 24-hour period you will need to start again.  Please obtain new collection container from your Doctor or Wellington SCL. 
  • Store the bottle in a cool place away from direct sunlight until it is delivered to the laboratory. 

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