Charges for Lab Tests

Charges for Lab Tests

When do I have to pay for a lab test?

Wellington SCL’s 3DHB laboratory contract specifies which tests are funded and who can order them.  Please refer to the below list of laboratory tests for details of the funding categorisation.  

Click here to view the 3DHB Funded and Unfunded Laboratory Test List 

Some general patient tests may have fees

The tests will have fees if your GP orders them.  They will be free if your specialist orders them or if your GP’s request has already been approved by a registered medical specialist.  Payment is required at the time of sample collection. 

An administration fee of $14.70 will be charged for each visit.

Where your test is referred to another testing laboratory additional charges relating to packaging and courier fees will also apply.  

Charges for other tests

Testing is not paid for by the district health boards in the following situations:

  • pre-employment or training placement; e.g. nursing and medical students
  • employment related (workplace health testing), or for an overseas posting or deployment
  • immigration or visa medicals
  • insurance medicals or any other medicals such as a pilot’s medical
  • a research study or drug trial or similar
  • people who are visiting New Zealand and/or are not New Zealand residents and who are not elligible for public funding
  • patients of non-medical practitioners such as dentists, naturopaths
  • self-ordered by patients.

These lists will be updated as funding rules change.

You can view a full price list of all tests below:

Test Price List (effective 1 July 2022)

If you are uncertain about any charges, please contact our Accounts Department on (03) 474 8341 for more information.

Laboratory tests for an immigration medical

Laboratory tests ordered as part of the medical assessment for immigration purposes may vary.  Your doctor will decide which tests are required.

Administration fees which includes (standard and immigration fee charges) will be charged for each visit.

Commercial testing

For more information about our commercial services and pricing for workplace testing, testing for research programmes, or health and wellbeing testing, refer to our commercial testing page.

How can I pay?

Click here for information about paying your account.