24 Hour Urine Collection

24 Hour Urine Collection

About Your Test

Your health professional has requested tests which require you to collect all the urine you pass for 24 hours.

Containers with Preservative

You may be asked to collect urine into a container that has an acid preservative added. This preservative is poisonous and corrosive. Do not touch the preservative, allow children to play with the container, or dispose of the preservative.

In case of contact or swallowing, rinse immediately and seek medical advice. Contains concentrated hydrochloric acid.

You will need to obtain a collection punnet and a 24 hour urine container from your health professional, or from one of our collection centres.

Specimen Collection Procedure

  1. Write your name and date of birth in the spaces provided on the container.
  2. At the time you have chosen to start collection, pass urine into the toilet. Empty your bladder completely. This urine is not needed for the collection procedure.
    Write this time and date on the container.
  3. All urine you pass during the rest of the 24 hour period, up to and including the same time the next day must be collected. Pass urine into a suitable collection punnet, and then pout into the 24 hour urine container.
    • A clean 2-litre ice cream container is an ideal collection punnet.
    • If you need to empty your bowels, pass and collect any urine first so you do not lose it.
    • Male patients may choose to pass urine directly into the 24 hour urine container if the container does not contain liquid preservative.
  4. Keep your sample in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Do not place your sample in a refrigerator.
  5. Collect the last urine exactly 24 hours after the first. Even if you do not feel the need to pass urine at this time, you must empty your bladder completely.
    Write the time you finish the collection on the container.
  6. Deliver the sample to your health professional or one of our collection centres as soon as possible after completing collection.

If you miss a collection of urine in the 24 hour period, you will need to start again with a fresh container. Please obtain new collection bottles from your health professional or one of our collection centres.

For further information regarding this test procedure, please contact Wellington SCL on (04) 381 5900 or 0800 381 5900.