Midstream Urine (MSU) Collection

Midstream Urine (MSU) Collection

About Your Test

Your health professional has requested this test to check for infection. You will be provided with a punnet to collect your sample in, a sample container, and a specimen delivery bag.

Please collect this sample before starting any antibiotic medication.

Specimen Collection rocedure

  1. Write your name and date of birth in the spaces provided on the sample container.
  2. Clean around the urinary opening and genital area with a piece of toilet paper moistened with water.
    • Female patients: cleanse from front to back, avoiding the anal area
    • Male patients: draw back the foreskin
  3. Dry the area.
  4. Pass a small amount of urine into the toilet, and then without stopping collect some urine ‘mid stream’ into the plastic collection punnet.
  5. Finish passing urine into the toilet.  Do not collect the last stream.
  6. Pour the urine from the collection punnet into the specimen container and screw the lid on firmly.
  7. Discard the collection punnet.
  8. Write the date and time of collection on the sample container and place the container in the delivery bag with the request form in the front pocket.
  9. Keep the sample in the fridge if possible. Otherwise keep it in a cool place. Deliver to the laboratory as soon as possible.

For further information regarding this test procedure, please contact Wellington SCL on (04) 381 5900 or 0800 381 5900.