Your practice support

Your practice support

Specimen Collection Best Practice Tips

How to complete a test request form.

How to Store Specimens

Specimen storage information here.

Swab Identification Chart

Swab identification chart here.

Phlebotomy Collection and Order of Draw

Phlebotomy collection and order of draw info here.

House Calls

Guidelines for house calls from Wellington SCL.

Courier Pick-up

How our pick-up system works.

How to Order Lab Supplies

Information here, including access to our online order form.

Serial Visit Monitoring

Guidelines to serial visits.

Eclair Clinical Data Repository (CDR) Forms for Healthcare Providers  

Click here for the CDR access form for Medtech Users

Click here for the CDR access form for Non-Medtech Users

Useful Links

Other links to useful information about medical laboratories, general health, and medical information can be found here.