Specimen Collection Information

Specimen Collection Information

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Courier pick-ups

Wellington SCL has its own courier network.  

  • Our couriers visit our collection rooms and main hubs regularly to pick up specimens and get them promptly to our testing laboratory.
  • Our eleven dedicated medical couriers cover, on average, 1,675 km daily around the Greater Wellington region. Every day, they make about 403 pick-ups from referring practices, private hospitals and rest homes.
  • We have controlled environments during transit to ensure specimen integrity is maintained as they travel to the central laboratory.

Urgent sample pick-ups can also be arranged for critical tests.  Call (04) 471 0878

Serial visit monitoring

Wellington SCL offers a serial testing service for patients who require ongoing regular testing such as when taking medication that needs regular monitoring.

Fill out a laboratory request form to enrol your patient in our serial test request database. When the request is approved, we will supply your patient with a handy serial test wallet card.

We will carry out the requested test for up to 12 months (or longer, if requested).

For good medical practice: after 6 months Wellington SCL sends you a letter asking for any instructions for ongoing testing. We will supply your patient with a new serial testing card after we get your updated instructions.