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Ordering Update – June 2020

From 24th June swabs from a new manufacturer (Noble Bio) will be distributed for COVID-19 testing.

The package contains two swabs, one for taking nasopharyngeal swab (the thinner-tipped swab) and an oropharyngeal swab (the larger swab). Only the nasopharyngeal swab needs to be sent for testing.

Some practices will still have swabs from other manufacturers in stock, which can still be used. Please use this simple guide:

Sampling for COVID-19:

Preferred: single nasopharyngeal swab placed in viral transport medium, any of these swabs acceptable:

Noble Bio swab with red capped tube (use the thinner of the two supplied swabs).

Fort Richard yellow-capped tube

COPAN red-capped tube

Alternative (if unable to do nasopharyngeal swab):

Swab oropharynx followed by per nasal swab, using the same swab, using:

Noble Bio swab with red-capped tube (use the larger of the two supplied swabs)

YOCON red-capped tube

Instruction sheet June 2020

Instruction sheet May 2020