My test results

Can I get a copy of my test results?

There are four ways you can receive your test results:

  • directly from your health practitioner.  We send completed test results to most health practitioners every 30 minutes.  This is the quickest way to receive your results; 
  • via the Eclair Clinical Data Repository (CDR) web portal available at some medical practices in the Wellington region - ask your doctor for more information on this option;
  • via encrypted, password-protected email from Wellington SCL

We recommend you obtain your test results from your health practitioner to ensure you receive an explanation and interpretation of you test, as well as necessary or appropriate clinical follow-up.

If you wish to receive your test results directly from Wellington SCL you will need to complete a Request for Laboratory Results - Patient Copy Form. This form must be completed at the time your specimen is collected, or later by going to an Wellington SCL collection centre with appropriate photo ID, such as a drivers licence or passport. Wellington SCL is not able to provide you with an interpretation of medical opinion of these results.

Receiving Test Results via Email

Test results are sent as encrypted, password protected zip files.

Click here to read the instructions on how to receive and open password protected emailed result files.

Results will only be sent to patients who have read and signed our Request for Laboratory Results Copy to Patient Form in person at an Wellington SCL collection centre.

Emails will be sent once all results are complete and your requesting doctor has had an opportunity to review the results.

Providing results to patients over the phone

Rule 5 of the Health Information Privacy Code requires health agencies such as Wellington SCL ensure that health information is protected, by reasonable security  safeguards, against unauthorised disclosure.  In addition, when providing personal or health information, section 45(a) of the Privacy Act requires Wellington SCL ensure that the person requesting information is appropriately identified as the patient in question or an individual acting on their behalf.

With this in mind results are not normally provided to patients over the phone because of difficulties in confirming that the caller is the patient whose results are being requested.

The exception is INR and HCG tests, which will be given using the password provided to you at the time your specimen was collected.

You will need to complete a Request for Laboratory Results - Copy to Patient Form.  This form must be completed at the time your specimen is collected.

Patient Requested Testing (Self Requested Tests)

We encourage people to take care of their health and actively manage it. To help with this, we offer a range of tests that don't need the approval of a registered medical practitioner. 

Click here to read about Patient Requested Tests.

Privacy of your test results 

Click here to read about the privacy of your health records.