Our employee selection process

If we select you to attend an interview with Wellington SCL, you will benefit most if you come prepared!

  • Our interviewers want to find the best person for the job. That is, someone with the qualifications, skills and experience to do the job well and who is a good match for Wellington SCL, fitting the profile of what we look for in an employee.
  • We normally use a behavioural interview approach which involves questions about your past performance and experiences. Before your interview, think carefully about the key requirements of the job, and any past experiences you can discuss with us in the interview to illustrate your strengths and abilities.
  • Before employing anyone, we carry out thorough background and reference checks. We may do checks on academic qualifications, residency and work visa status and criminal records.
  • Your referees will ideally be people you have reported to in previous employment, preferably your current or most recent employer. We will advise you if we are going to contact your referees.
  • We will also discuss your health status to ensure you are physically able to do the job.