Preparing for your test

A few of our tests require simple advance preparation. Other tests require you to take a sample for us. Find out here what is needed.

Following a blood test (patient information) brochure


How to prepare for tests


Click here to download the fasting brochure



Lipids (fasting)

12 hours fasting *

Glucose (fasting)

12 hours fasting *

Drug levels

As per your doctor's instruction

Skin allergy tests+

This test takes approximately one hour. 
You will need to stay in the
collection rooms for that period.
(Appointment required)

* Fasting: Nil by mouth except water for 10-12 hours (no tea or coffee)
+ Available only at Courtenay Place and Lower Hutt

How to collect a sample

Find out how to take samples for the following tests:

Collection instructions in other languages

Please click here to download instruction sheets in other languages 

Other tests

If you have any questions about preparing for a test, call us on (04) 381 5900.