Specimen labelling and storage

How to complete a test request form

Please use a suitable form when requesting a test. These can include:

  • Forms generated from your patient software system. Please contact Wellington SCL's customer liaison coordinator for instructions on the best lay-out for the form.
  • Standard Wellington SCL test request forms with pre-printed personalised requestor codes.These are available from the laboratory. Ask our customer liaison coordinator to send you some.
  • Special request forms designed for you by Wellington SCL for a particular need; for example for a study, survey or business need.

To help turn around results quickly, test request forms should be filled out correctly and completely with clear legible handwriting.

A request form requires the following information:

  • Full name of patient -- last name and first name
  • Date of Birth
  • NHI
  • Patient's address
  • Requesting doctor’s name
  • Name of copy-to doctors -- specify last name and location
  • Tests required
  • Relevant clinical information and/or indications for testing

Additional information required for a serial test request: 

  • Frequency of testing for specified tests -- for example, monthly, three-monthly
  • Duration of testing.

Please click here to download our Specimen Labelling Poster 

How to store specimens

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