Staff profile: Dr Mark Jones

(Inside Aotea, July 2009)

Specialist clinical microbiologist and molecular pathologist at Wellington SCL

Qualifications and experience

After qualifying in medicine (in Wales), I spent several years as a junior hospital doctor rotating through specialist training posts in microbiology and infection control. I was a University lecturer and undertook research leading to a PhD. I came to NZ in 1984 to experience working with infectious diseases in the hospital and community. I liked it — and stayed.


My main role is to ensure that Wellington SCL performs the best scientific tests to diagnose and manage infectious diseases. I consult with a range of health professionals (eg. doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, podiatrists and pharmacists) on difficult and complicated infectious diseases in the community

Most rewarding part of your job

Being part of a large team of skilled, dedicated staff who are stimulated by their work. It’s all so exciting — and we never stop learning.

How do you most enjoy spending time outside work

I love living in New Zealand and I am ‘absolutely positive’ about our fabulous Wellington. I enjoy exploring the city and travelling around the country. I am passionate about studying, conserving and restoring the native bush. I love spending time socialising with my family and my mates. I’m a photographer and a wood turner. Everything stops for rugby.

Health tip

99.9% of household germs are harmless. Don’t kill them. Do something useful instead — like washing your hands.

Something your colleagues may not know about you!

I have a huge shed packed like Aladdin’s cave with bloke’s stuff. It’s where my dreams come true. Any day I can’t get to my shed is a BAD day!